Why Flexible Workers With Diverse Skills Are Great For First Hires

By John Whiting, - In Leadership

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Look for flexible workers with a diverse skill set when hiring your first employee(s). Typically you’ll need them to undertake varying responsibilities in the beginning. Take your time – you’ve gotten by thus far on your own and there’s no need to rush to bring someone on board. Know what you want and stick to your guns.

On that note, an effective way to get a better glimpse of a candidate’s potential worth is to schedule a Day in the Life before you hire someone. They spend an entire day with you assisting and completing typical responsibilities. You’ll get first hand knowledge of what they can do, and any potential hire’s willingness to devote an entire day to your organization will certainly show you his or her level of dedication.

This will also weed out possible poor hires. Once you have a small staff assembled, use them for future hires. Personal recommendations can go a long way in finding the right fit – your team members will typically know exactly what you’re looking for. But in the beginning, flexible workers are the way to go.

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