EASY! A Productivity App I Enjoy Using

By Henry Reith, - In Productivity

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It might seem that the App Store is already crowded with productivity apps. But the behavior of their users indicates that they are still not quite satisfied with them. They often tend to look for even better app that would help them to get their things finally done. That was the reason why two architects from Czech Republic decided to develop their own productivity app that would help them manage their busy schedule. This app is called EASY! and is now available for iPhone for $2.99.
EASY! has found the right balance between simplicity and the number of useful functions. With 4 predefined task groups (To-Do, Call, Buy, Pay) you can logically distinct your tasks so your task list is no longer so cluttered.

Picture of EASY! app's time picker

Time Picker

“It often happened to me with other apps that I put my tasks in but then I forgot to complete them solely because I wasn’t reminded to do so,” says Daniel Vlcek, author of EASY! The app solves this problem with an option to set date & time reminders for each task so you cannot forget them again. Humans are visual beings and therefore they want their app to look great and feel slick. EASY! is based on gestures that make the whole user experience unique and pleasant. Also each task can be distinguished by a color depending on a day when the task should be completed.

Be it a student, busy mother or a manager in Fortune Top 100 company, this app’s aim is to make their everyday life easier and more manageable. EASY! is translated into 9 languages and is available worldwide.

“We believe that EASY! will become a leader among productivity apps in the near future simply because it’s useful and so easy to use at the same time,” adds

A Picture of EASY! app's call list

Call List



  • Organize your tasks to four categories (To-Do, Call, Pay, Buy)
  • Set date and time to tasks
  • Create, Reorder or Undo tasks with simple gestures
  • Custom calendar and time picker controls
  • Task history
  • iCloud synchronization

My Verdict

Granted you can use elaborate systems like Omnifocus (That i love) or adapt Evernote’s note taking functionality to keep you productive. For many of us though this level of stratification is not needed. Now having used EASY! for a few days i have found categorizing of tasking into To-Do, Call, Pay, Buy has been brilliant. I have found myself using the to-do and call categories the most in a work situation and would like to see the ability to create custom categories in the future. Having situation based reminders make’s it easy to complete tasks there and then. All in all this is $2.99 well spent.

To find out more about EASY! check out: http://www.easyineasy.com/


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