6 Different Types Of Video Content That Will Drive Traffic & Engage Customers

By Patrick Foster, - In Marketing

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In this article, we will look at the different types of video content you can create that will drive traffic and engage customers.

Video content is the medium of the future, with over 59% of executives agreeing that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose the latter. Entering the world of video opens you up to new and exciting avenues of content creation, including adding an extra dimension of emotion to your brand storytelling. Here are six video content creation ideas, perfect for those planning to explore the positive effects that investment in a video strategy could have for your brand.

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1. Use a video to showcase your brand’s story

A run-of-the-mill ‘About Us’ page is a thing of the past. It’s time to showcase your brand’s story through the medium of video. Video is a fantastic method of storytelling: you can certainly get more information, and more emotive content across than you could with traditional written copy.

The main benefits of video content include:

  • The ability to add visuals, through color, data, kinetic text, animation or live action to really grab your viewers
  • The option to add music, voiceover and sound effects to convey mood and tone, to increase your audience’s emotional response
  • Controlled storytelling: you are in the driver’s seat. You can deliver a focused message, at your own pace, while delighting and informing your viewer

Some interesting ways that you could incorporate a brand-storytelling video could include promo videos (with the potential to go viral) that get your brand message across in some way, case studies and interviews of happy clients, event footage, culture marketing videos of your office space to show off your work force, and explainer videos of products.

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Crossfit do a brilliant job of creating a sense of community around their exercise classes while impressing their video viewers. They convey the story and benefits of the brand with nitty gritty videos of the Crossfit games, which is documented all over their YouTube channel. The videos also feature interviews with coaches and customers, who all discuss how the work-out brand has changed their lives.

This is an example of a powerful brand story-telling through the medium of video. On a smaller scale, you could draw up the benefits of your brand and product offering, and incorporate them in a piece of video content to embed on your website.

2. Promoting thought leadership and insights with video content

As discussed, video can convey a level of emotion in a way that text can’t always emulate. This makes video an excellent platform for educating viewers about issues relevant to your business, in turn promoting your brand as a thought-leader and a credible source of information in that industry.

One of the greatest things about ecommerce giant Shopify is the community that they have developed around the brand. Their content marketing strategy is very comprehensive, including blogs, podcasts and webinars. The Shopify YouTube channel plays host to an extensive array of videos, offering in-depth guidance to all of their current and prospective customers. These videos work to assist current customers who may need help using the online store creator, but also to entice new customers to trial the SaaS product.

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The ‘How To Start a Business with Jane’ playlist is particularly great, as it documents the very relatable experiences of Jane as she tries to get a fledgling online business off the ground. Because of this content strategy, Shopify has become well known in the ecommerce industry, particularly among startup entrepreneurs.

You could also host a roundtable discussion, perhaps with your leading managerial staff and a couple of influential guest speakers, to talk about popular topics of interest from multiple points of view. This type of discussion is often used in podcasts, such as Six Pixels of Separation, and it would translate well to video while adding an extra visual dimension.

Could you or your managerial staff host a video debate? Or could you showcase your customers within insight videos?

3. Help your audience meet their goals with tutorial videos

Videos are the perfect medium to host topic tutorials, product demos, and process guides to help your product offering deliver the promises of value and service that you make to your customers with  marketing messages.

Evernote does this particularly well with a YouTube channel dedicated to this purpose. This brand’s videos show their existing and potential customers just how easy it is to use their organizational products, while also letting them know of shortcuts and life-hacking uses for them that may not be so obvious. For example, this video shows the viewer how the Evernote Clearly app can be used to convert web content into more aesthetically pleasing color schemes, to remove the distractions of garish adverts.

Video content of this nature will increase your customer’s sense of fulfillment with your product or service as they can use it to its maximum capabilities thanks to your clear tutorials. This increases your chances of receiving good reviews, and getting your products recommended.

2. Quality product videos

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Product videos are one of the best ways for you to accurately represent your product to your potential customers, and help them make an informed purchase decision. This video from Sierra Designs has been tailored to answer the questions and demands of a hiking and camping crowd. The designer is featured in the video, and he talks through and justifies every choice he made with the tent’s design to make it the perfect product for the avid camper. This video operates like an in-store member of staff – he answers all the questions that the target audience may have with his expansive knowledge.

A simple strategy to get your product videos out there on social networks would be to use your smartphone and video-based social networks like Vine or Instagram to showcase each of your products, then embed the videos in your product pages.

Videos like this not only showcase your products, but make you seem more trustworthy as an online merchant. With almost 30% of products purchased online being returned, every effort should be made to not only sell your product but to improve the chances of your customers being satisfied by being transparent about the way it looks and its quality.

5. Repurpose your existing content to create a video

Are you running thin on the ground for video content inspiration? Not to worry – you can repurpose existing content and produce a piece of video from it.

Is there a particular blog post or infographic that generated positive engagement levels from your audience? If you’re unsure, you can search for your own domain in a tool like BuzzSumo to pick out the cream of the crop. Metrics to look out for include social media shares and the number of links.

All you need to do is produce an engaging script that gets your original content’s message across clearly and in an interesting way. Consider developing upon your existing ideas to go into them in greater depth and with more up-to-date information. This way, when a page visitor reads your blog post and views your video, they will get valuable information and insight from both.

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Once your content has been repurposed into a video, you should think about how you can promote it. Uploading your video onto sites like VimeoFacebook VideoViddler and Shutterfly are certainly a good place to start. Check out this YouTube SEO guide to find out how you should be tagging and promoting your videos.

6. Showcase your happy clients and customers with a video

Do you keep in contact with regular happy clients or customers? Why not feature them in a customer success video testimonial? Video testimonials are a great way to humanize your brand, and to showcase a glowing recommendation to drive future business.

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Blue Beam, a software development business, have the right idea with their video testimonials. These testimonials accurately display what the company has done for its clients, and how their software solutions have totally transformed how their businesses operate by automating processes. The videos are short, snappy and well scripted, so they don’t seem overly staged or promotional.

You need to be wary about your testimonials – if they seem rigid or over acted, they could come off as phony or even completely fake.


VIdeo content creation can really add to your brand’s marketing strategy. With these six pieces of video content inspiration, you should be well on your way to creating some engaging videos that will delight and inform your target audience. Which of these ideas will you use? Let us know in the comments.


Patrick is an ecommerce entrepreneur, coach and writer. He writes on his own blog over at Ecommerce Tips, but also for a range of digital publications. You can find often Patrick engrossed in his Macbook, working on his latest content.