Custom Content Marketing in the Digital Age

By Jason Abrahams, - In Marketing

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Today’s customer is more media savvy and social media-flooded than ever, so the blanket content approach won’t cut it anymore. Marketers must focus instead on creating personalized, entertaining content specific to each stage of the customer journey.

According to a HubSpot review of more than 93,000 call-to-action messages over a 12 month period, CTAs with personalized content performed 42% better than those with generic messages. (Reference link: Fear not, creating a custom content marketing strategy that feels personal to each customer isn’t as difficult and time-intensive as it sounds. Just follow these tips!

Knowledge is Power

Know your customers’ buying process inside-and-out. In-depth knowledge of their thought process from need to purchase will always produce the best conversion. Tailoring content to their specific needs can only come from an explicit understanding of their experience. “How much do I need this? How much will it cost me? How much easier will it make my life?” By knowing what a consumer is asking themselves ahead of time, you can provide the answers for them as the questions come to mind. Content should build on itself. Aligning it with your sales funnel provides the audience with a natural progression that teaches at the beginning and involves them as they move through to a sale. For customers in the middle stages of consideration and purchase, personalization will help lead to persuasion.

Tech Savvy

The most successful people know that surrounding themselves with the best resources is key. When
embarking on a custom content campaign, knowing what tools to integrate along the way will help you gather the most valuable data about the customer decision process (and get you to that all-important knowledge base from the first tip).
Leverage the right technology platforms for you – e-commerce, CRM, marketing automation, display
advertising – to create content personalization opportunities on the journey. For instance, dynamic display ads and retargeting campaigns can feature specific call-to-actions to draw prospects back to your website for more information or to make a purchase.

Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle

The best targeting approach uses all available platforms, but that doesn’t mean you have to come up with something different for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. each time. Cite your favorite articles or books and link back to your sources, or film a webinar and post the video to your social channels – making sure to embed the slideshow presentation to your blog. Use the power of SEO to associate your words with your influencers and create the most impact with your content.

Measure Your Success:

While a strong content strategy that is executed soundly will resonate with your target audience, help your company be found in search, build awareness to the right prospects, and nurture existing
relationships, ROI from marketing isn’t always as straightforward to measure as other departments.
Measuring content marketing success requires patience. Focus you ROI analysis on consumption, lead
generation, and sales. At the end of the day, if your content is generating more traffic, leads, and ultimately revenue, then does anything else really matter? Your content is your business’s voice, give it the dedication it deserves.


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