Content Samurai: 4 Traffic Strategies & Ultimate Guide

By Henry Reith, - In Marketing

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Content Samurai has been publicly available for the last couple months now. From the emails I have received from the Fridge readers, it sounds like many people having great success using the service. Both for getting your videos ranked in Google, and multiple other benefits to your website.

Content Samurai’s effects on the way that small businesses and solopreneurs can reach their audience is like no other content creation platform I’ve come across to date. in a recent review of the platform, I showed how it works. What you can achieve with the platform is endless.

So in this article I’m going to go through some uses for Content Samurai, and how it can be used to drive traffic, and engage users on your website. Plus show you the techniques I have been using with Fridge and my clients sites to get the most out of Content Samurai.

Content Samurai Uses

In Blogs/Content as Alternative Consumption Format

These days not everyone that comes to your site wants to read every single word you have written. This is especially true on mobile devices that now account for roughly half of Internet usage, across the internet in general. As you can see below, Fridge’s mobile and tablet hit have increased year on year over the past 3 years. And Fridge currently gets about 40% of our traffic from tablets and mobile and 60% from desktop.

Picture of 3 pie charts from Google Analytics showing the percentage of sessions from phones, tablets and desktops in Janurai 2014, 2015 and 2016. Showing that in 2016 Phone and Tablet usage accounted for nearly 50% of Fridge's traffic as apposed to just over 25% in 2014.

Fridge’s Website Phone, Tablet & Desktop Usage Change

This change means that we can no longer predict the situation or environment consumers are reading our content. So we as the content creator, need to give our readers content in a format they want it! This is why the idea of creating Preference Content is now so important.

As Content Samurai makes it so easy to turn written content into video. This has meant it is fast becoming the default way for many small businesses and startups to convert their content to the customer’s preference format.

The benefit of providing your content in a format that a reader wants is that consumers are more likely to stick around and consume your content. Plus having consumed your content, users are more likely to take action because they’ve fully understood the idea you are trying to get across.

Reduce the Pogo Sticking

The pogo stick effect is when a user searches a term on Google, then clicks your site in the search results and quickly hit’s the back button. It is then very likely Google, and the rest of the search engines will catch on and start reducing your ranking for that search term.

One of the big reasons users hit the back button is because nothing grabs their attention. There are some ways to reduce Pogo sticking on your site as explained in this Moz Whiteboard Friday video below.

There should be a video here, but as javascript is not enabled on your browser the video can not be loaded. However, You can view it here:

By providing a video towards the top of your content people are very likely to hit the play button as opposed to reading anything else.

Content Samurai is a super easy way to create videos that get people sticking. So the platform becomes the default way many small businesses go about providing a video for people to click and engage with your content.

Increase Time on Site

It is now suspected/confirmed Google is using the amount of time people engage with your content as a metric when deciding where to rank your site and content in the search engine. An effect Brian Dean found when he titled a recent article “How to Get High Quality Backlinks (Without Guest Posting)“. Google picked up on the “How to Get High” part of the title and ranked it on page 1 at #6, before seeing that the average time on that post was less than half of his site average, and quickly moved it back to page 4 and beyond.

Along with increasing your chances of getting ranked higher in the search engines increasing potential customers time on site means you have a greater chance of gaining a conversion. The more time people spend on your site, the more they will build trust with your brand and be willing at some stage to open their wallets.

Increase Engagement

With the video or some other form of engaging content in your written articles, consumers are more likely to engage (take a positive action) with you further. Gaining the big ‘yes’ of customer opening their wallet is, of course, the end goal. However to get to the macro yes, potential customers must go through a series of Micro yeses.

For me, a social media share is a micro yes. It is usually the first level after page views that users take between being a passive content consumer to a paying customer.

After list posts, content focused on video is the second most likely type of content to get shared online. So to get the Micro yes chain started including video in your content is a great way to get that social share.

Examples of Content where Fridge has used Content Samurai to Create Videos to support them:

There should be a video here, but as javascript is not enabled on your browser the video can not be loaded. However, You can view it here:


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To Summarize Written Articles

Adding a quick to consume, summaries of content is an excellent way to initially engage people. This is because in general when people first load a web page they will scan all the headings in an article, top to bottom. Then having scanned the headers they decide if they want to consume it, parts or all of the content.

Providing an easy to consume form of ‘short content’ gives people an easy way to decide if it’s worth continuing to read so will increasing their chances of staying.

Content Samurai makes it easy to create summary videos. To do this:

  1. Create a short paragraph introduction to the content.
  2. Take all the main headings, and form a sentence from each of them.
  3. Create a short paragraph conclusion to the content.
  4. Record your short script into Content Samurai.

The video for this article is a great example of how Content Samurai can be used to create a summary video (coming soon).

As A Standalone Video or Vlog

YouTube is an excellent source of traffic and is the second largest search engine in the world. So whether you have a physical product or provide a service, locally or internationally YouTube is a place you want to have a presence on. Consumers turn to YouTube is a place to learn about a subject and get reviews on many products and services.

Not only is YouTube itself a place that people search, but it also shows up in Google’s web search results. This is where Content Samurai comes into its own, allowing you to quickly create a professional video that gets ranked above any other page in the web search results.

Also, YouTube video’s get ranked quickly by Google (usually within the hour).

In the example below, I created a new page for one of my client titled Windshield Replacement Phoenix, as they are windshield replacement company based in Phoenix, Arizona. And I also made a short video with them. I published the page on their website on Friday, 28 January 2016.

Picture of the time the page titled 'Windshield Replacement Phoenix' Dashboard

Page Published Dashboard

And then we uploaded the video on Saturday after publishing the page. The video was ranked within 5 minutes in Google. However as you can see in the search results below the page is yet to be indexed by Google 3 days after being published, where as the video is.

Picture of the Google search results, where the Windshield Replacement Phoenix video on YouTube was instantly indexed

Newly Uploaded Video Ranked In Google Instantly

Granted most pages, do take 1 to 5 days to be indexed by Google have for many products and services is not here nor there. However, by using the video I made LVS Glass searchable for that keyword instantly.

So if you want to be the first to a news story as Richard Butler did with this story about Microsoft’s changes to the OneDrive service. Where he got ranked number one for the first few days, ahead of any of the big news organizations.

Picture of a Google Search with a video at no1 that has been created by Content Samurai

Video Ranked No1 Above Other Huge Giants of The Online Media

So even if you’re a small business or individual, videos, especially for new subjects tend to be placed higher than websites big and small. So they are an excellent way to get found, allowing any small company to compete with the Goliaths of the world.

Because it is so easy to create video’s in Content Samurai you can have a high-quality video done in minutes, and means you can be first to be ranked.

If you have a smaller website, it is almost guaranteed any video you create will rank above your site. This is why I have loved the Content Samurai experience so much to date. Not only has Content Samurai allowed me to get video’s out there in record time. It has helped me rank way above anything my personal website would and has got me competing and beating the big businesses.

Video consumption is also growing faster than any other type of content on the internet at present.


During this article, I have gone through some ways Content Samurai, can and is being used by small business owners and start-ups just like you. How the content that Content Samurai create can be used to go far beyond just the video format. Plus, the power of adding videos in general, and Content Samurai generated videos can have a positive impact on your website’s engagement and conversion potential customers.

How are you using Content Samurai in your business? Add your tactics and comments below.


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