Business Strategist, Jonathon Ohayon, Shares Insight On Customer Service

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Business Strategist, Jonathon Ohayon, Shares Insight On Customer Service

Each customer has his or her preference for communicating with you, so having a well designed website with multiple avenues of communication is ideal. Having prominently displayed telephone numbers, email address, live chat boxes, and social media links will encourage customers to openly share dialogue about their experience with transactions at your company.

Addressing customer concerns with a sense of urgency is paramount to resolving issues before they escalate. If customers feel like their concerns have not been addressed, they are likely to blast social media with negative comments about your company. Have clearly communicated business practices, especially return policies, available on your website to help reduce dissatisfaction.

Have an excellent search feature on your site to ease selection processes for items. Make payment options clear and easy to execute to avoid confusion. Offer several shipping options to fit a variety of consumers’ budgets and needs.

Follow social media and review sites that evaluate business services and post reviews about experiences with your company. Reach out to those who have had a negative experience and see if the problem can be rectified as well as amend input on their review, thus turning a negative experience into a positive one.

Have a contact us box on your website to encourage customers to communicate directly with you directly rather than pursuing social media or review site remedies.

As a business owner, taking the time to pick up the phone to talk with a disgruntled customer is well worth the investment. Customers want to know that you are going to meet their needs and make their interaction with your company a positive one. Often just listening to their complaint without becoming defensive will de-escalate a negative situation. Be prepared to offer some solutions that are in line with your company’s business practices.

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