How BizON Is Connecting Serious Business Buyers and Sellers In The USA

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With an increasingly ageing population and growing popularity of entrepreneurship, many people are looking for a viable option to buy or sell a business. BizON is an online marketplace that connects general business people looking to buy or sell a business; franchisors looking for qualified franchisees; and professional agents such as accountants, lawyers, realtors and business brokers, looking to buy or sell a business for their clients. The BizON community has accumulated over $60 million in business listings since it went live to the public 6 months ago in Canada, and has now opened up the marketplace to U.S. residents searching for a turnkey business to step into and those who are planning to sell their business.

According to INC Magazine, “An estimated 65 percent to 75 percent of the small companies in the U.S. — some 10 million — will likely hang up a “for sale” sign over the next five to ten years.” The BizON community services this market efficiently by providing members with a secure login community that is seamless, resourceful and trustworthy. The objective is to ensure the best possible opportunities for members to buy or sell a business suitable to their lifestyle.

Discretion is one of the key factors in the sale of a business. “After listing my most recent venture for sale publicly, I began to notice a significant decrease in my sales”, says Fazl Molana, Commercial Leasing and Investment Specialist and entrepreneur. “Sure enough, within 6 months to the day my business was listed, my sales had dropped a total of 30% and employee turnover steadily increased due to job security concerns. I continue to hear the same statistic echoed by my clients.”  The BizON marketplace operates as an exclusive login community to ensure that only serious purchasers are able to view a listing without compromising the confidentiality of the sale and the value of the business.

In addition to the confidentiality of the marketplace’s listings, members are equipped with an analytical dashboard that allows them to search, sell, manage and analyze business listings in real time.  Members can also track the interest of their listing and purchasers can search for a business of interest efficiently by selecting specific criteria that will properly filter and return the most suitable result.

BizON is on a mission to truly redefine the process in which people can buy and sell a business. Having the option to sell your business discreetly and having unlimited access to an analytical dashboard, brings members one step closer to efficiently and effectively selling their business. As for the hopeful one day business owners, BizON brings them one step closer to owning the business of their dreams in a simple, stress free manner.

What are your experiences selling (or trying to sell) a business?

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