Some Of The Best Tools To Help Research Your Market

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Research your market with these tools…

There are several tools I recommend often to people with small marketing budgets.  Based on the idea, that your customers are out there on social media, and you can find them, study them, and contact them, I use these tools to research strategies on behalf of my clients. – $30-60/mo. With Mention, you can track keywords and sentiment about them. If you’re a small business, you likely won’t want to track your own brand name (not many results), but you could track your topic. For example, if you tracked “seattle restaurant” you would learn what people are thinking/asking/feeling about restaurants in Seattle (which ones they like, what they’re looking for, etc).

ManageFlitter – $12-240/mo. With ManageFlitter, you can search the user bios of Twitter users, and find prospects (for B2B purposes) or research interests. Scanning Twitter user bios is helpful because people are very selective about what they put in their bios, so you can get a good idea of who likes what in what location.

These tools are a great way to start to research your market.




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