Artificial Intelligence Company Called To 10 Downing Street

By Henry Reith, - In Entrepreneurs

Picture of Artificial Intelligence Company RainBird's CEO Ben Taylor With 10 Downing Street In The Background

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

We have followed Rainbird through their Techstars experience over the past few months and now they have been called to 10 Downing Street. The artificial Intelligence company will be showing off it’s ground breaking technology at an event hosted by Daniel Korski, special adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Rainbird has been repeatedly been recognised as being one of the most promising digital companies in Britain (and in the world in my personal opinion). It has already been selected from over 1,000 global start-ups to participate in the Techstars Accelerator programme.

The Rainbird platform uses artificial intelligence to automate knowledge-work. It enables businesses to capture expertise that is locked-up in a small number of experts and scale it into tools that everyone can use, delivering high levels of operational efficiency.

Rainbird’s CEO Ben Taylor says, “Friday is going to be an amazing day. I am looking forward to pitching Rainbird to 900 investors, press and members of the tech community at the Techstars Demo Day and will then run to 10 Downing Street for the afternoon.”

Chairman James Duez says, “Rainbird is already being piloted by over a dozen organisations including a major government department. Businesses big and small are really captivated by how this technology can help increase sales and improve customer service.”

Rainbird originated in Norwich which has recently been named as a UK Tech City. However this is not the only technology hotspot in the UK. Cities such as Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and also of course London have thriving tech start up scenes. However it’s not only these tech hotspots that are thriving the whole of the UK is establishing itself as one of the world’s leading technology nations.

The company is currently running an open Beta program so if you want to see what all the fuss is about you can head over to Rainbird right now and check it out.


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