Are You All Blog and No Wonderful Video?

By Carrie Aulenbacher, - In Marketing

Picture of a girl scared of being filed for a video fro YouTube

Photo Credit: CTFxC

Ask your friends what they like about your relationship with them.

Will they say they like what you sell?

Or will they say they like YOU?

All types of businesses and entrepreneurs are searching for ways to build their brand these days. Building a portfolio of beneficial content that resonates with the target buyer is what it’s all about.  But are you becoming all work and no play?  Or, in other words…all blog and no wonderful video?

Some might think that they are not cut out for videos or that their brand isn’t one that can be fully showcased without a prospectus or healthy blog post.  And it’s true that certain products or companies are such that an explanation beyond a video is warranted.  However, don’t just think of your brand as your product and don’t think that an engaging video can’t draw in some attention.

No matter who you are, no matter what the business is, for entrepreneurs, you are the brand.  YOU!  And what is it about your relationships with others that they find so enjoyable?  It’s not just the fact that they’re getting something from you, but that they are interacting with you…getting to know you.  That relationship, although not built instantly, grows because people enjoy feeling that connection with you.  And sometimes, blogs just can’t connect like that.

The written word IS powerful, yet videos have a different kind of power.  The audience can not only hear the emotion in your words but can see the passion in your eyes and watch the conviction of your words coincide with your gestures and actions.  It’s hard to deny when passionate words sync up with a passionate person.  Get that super fan you know to start talking about his favorite team and watch him come alive as he describes the game-winning play.  Feel how you also get a bit excited just taking in his story?  That’s the kind of connection video can help you make with your audience.

And don’t think that a video would just be a one-time thing that gets sent out to all your social media followers and then lost in the tidal wave of tweets or Facebook posts.  A growing YouTube channel can draw a lot of attention to your brand and videos posted can continue to benefit new buyers coming in from other sources as time goes on.

Explore including a video in your monthly newsletter as a fun way to thank subscribers or introduce a new product.  If your product is the written word, (like mine), monthly videos can help build that relationship with fans.  I like to talk about the latest tricks and tips I’m using in my journey as an engaging way to connect.  It keeps the newsletter short and subscribers get the video access sooner than regular fans.  Okay, so I’m not the most photogenic and OKAY so I flail like a crazy person!  But it’s 100% me and I hope that, as my momentum builds, these will help new fans decide about making a purchase.

Feeling shy?  A voiceover video can help display the product in your own voice without putting you front and center on camera.  Think your background isn’t up to par?  Why not a program like SlidesharePowtoon or Content Samurai?  Think your voice isn’t the best? Don’t forget there are free gigs to sites like Fiverr where you can connect with someone who can give you an audio track to work with.  Options are many when it comes to putting together something powerful like a great video.

So don’t be all blog and no video – even a two-minute hello can go a long way to stirring up interaction.  Reach out with a video and start a new kind of conversation – who can tell your story better than you?


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