9 Ways To Improve Your Time Management

By John Whiting, - In Productivity

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Contributed by Jaime Pfeffer. Find her at jaimepfeffer.com

How To Improve Your Time Management As A Business Owner

1. Make a to do list at the start of every day with your top 3 items for the day. These are your daily goals. Many entrepreneurs just wake up and start doing things. Not having a focus is like sailing a ship without a map. You might get there, but chances are you won’t.

2. Complete the items on your to do list before tackling anything else.

3. Only check email once in the morning and once in the evening. This cuts back on getting caught up in other people’s issues.

4. Delegate. If it isn’t your core competency, delegate it. This can be to an assistant or find an intern.

5. Keep a log of how you’re spending your time. Make sure you are being effective (focusing on the right tasks) instead of efficient (getting things done). Efficiency follows effectiveness but not vice versa.

6. Take excellent care of yourself by scheduling time in for yourself for exercise, meditation, journaling and other “important, not urgent” tasks. Otherwise you will burn out.

7. Create quotas for things like networking, “pick your brain meetings” and other things. For example,

8. Take an “inventory” of all areas of your business and plan where you will spend your time.

9. Take a five minute break every 45 minutes. Research shows you’re actually more productive and it keeps the energy moving.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to improve your time management!



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