6 Ways To Track Getting More Leads

By Mike Juba, - In Marketing

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Every business wants to generate more leads to their business, both offline and online, but don’t really know how to track it. They’ll do different marketing and advertising campaigns and don’t know what metrics they should attribute to what campaign.

Here are some easy ways that small business owners or anyone at a business can determine where they are getting their leads from to know what their money is best spent. If you are stuck with getting leads in the first place, then you should look at how to generate leads with your website.

What You Can Do In Your Store

1. Just ask

Always be asking your customers how they found you. Whether it was a billboard, TV ad, radio or just a search online you want to know. If they say online ask where. Maybe it was a reviews site like Yelp or a directory listing on Yellowpages or Google maps. It could have been that recently you released a new product and put out a press release and they found that. If they found you organically in a search or saw your PPC ad would be good to know too, so you can attribute that lead to that spending.

2. Rewards

Use a rewards or points card. The real reason behind this is so that companies know what you’re buying. They also get your information so they can target you in their future marketing campaigns. But it also gets customers coming back as we are a nation obsessed with numbers and points that we all just want to get more free stuff (by buying more stuff).

3. Sign-up for deals

Get them to fill out forms to get a deal or to receive notifications on future discounts and events. Maybe go a step further and ask how they would be preferred to be contacted: by mail, phone, e-mail or carrier pigeon.

What You Can Do Online

1. Phone call tracking

You should setup phone call tracking on your website so you know how many of your incoming calls are coming from your website visitors. If you don’t have phone call tracking setup for your website (get it), but until then you should be asking every caller where they found you.

2. Analytics

You can create landing pages for certain events, services or products and easily track how many leads you get. But what you want to look at in your analytics is look at those landing pages and check your conversion rates. How many people does it take to visit the landing page until you get a lead? Try split testing landing pages and see which one gets more traffic, leads, and the highest conversion rate.

3. Google AdWords

You can add phone call extensions to your ad campaigns to track how many calls you are getting from a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign. Great part here is that the user can see your ad and trackable phone number, and they don’t have to click on the ad (which means you don’t have to pay!)

Follow-Up With Those Leads

Once you start getting leads and can now determine for the most part where they are coming from, don’t just let your leads sit there. To the same point, don’t also start e-mail blasting or calling them too often. E-mail marketing is a great way to announce specials, discounts, and events. Direct mail campaigns are making a comeback as everyone started to do everything online and now people are feeling special again to receive mail.

Always split test campaigns and see which works better. If you never try another way you’ll never know if it could have been even better.

When you have determined the best ways of getting leads for your business invest more money into it to generate more leads and revenue.

photo credit: Pewari via photopin cc