5 Ways To Use Your Smartphone To Get Ready For An Interview

By Henry Reith, - In Peak Performance

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Your phone can do many things, including helping you to find a job, but you may not realize that another of its many talents is the ability to prepare you for a job interview. From researching to mapping your way to the right location, it’s not an exaggeration to suggest that, with the help of your mobile device, you can take your interview game to the next level. It’s all about using your smartphone in the smartest way—and thinking outside the box, of course.

1. Research the Company Thoroughly

The more you know about the business or company interviewing you, the better. Your responses to questions are not just thorough, but detailed and relevant, and you can tailor your responses to the enterprise’s goals and mission statement. Although this is a foolproof interview tip, it’s one that most people forget about until they’re sitting in the lobby, waiting to meet the hiring manager. That’s the convenient thing about your mobile phone, however. As long as you have a stable connection, you can look up this critical information while you wait.

2. Follow Your Potential Employers on Social Media

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Social media connections mean something. The odds are good that you often use your phone for social media-related purposes anyway, right? Take it a step further during your job hunt. As soon as you send off your resume and cover letter, follow the companies and businesses to which you applied. Their websites should let you know which platforms they use. From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Instagram, don’t miss a single trick. It doesn’t hurt to like, share, or comment on the posts and photos that interest you, either. If nothing else, it suggests an enthusiasm for the brand.

3. Find an App that Polishes Your Skills

There’s an app for everything, so this is effortless. Search for apps that test you with examples of common HR questions. Prepping with questions is the best way to prepare yourself to come up with on-the-spot responses to a variety of subjects. This type of prep decreases your anxiety when you’re in the hot seat. You can also find apps that offer tips for polishing your interview presence, your interpersonal skills, and even your wardrobe.

4. Put Your Selfie Skills to Good Use

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As you sit and wait patiently for your interviewer to call for you, put your time to good use. Just because you’re wary of running to the bathroom to check your appearance, that doesn’t mean you have to meet your potential employer with a wild cowlick or lipstick on your teeth. You can use your phone to freshen up and double-check your look.

You know your angles, and you have your phone in your hand, so make it work. Using the front-facing camera on the Galaxy S7, for example, you get an up-close look at your hair, your clothing, and your makeup, if applicable. It’s easy to make necessary adjustments on the fly, plus you won’t have to worry that someone will call your name while you’re indisposed and off in the loo.

5. Prepare for a Video Interview

Your phone is the perfect tool for participating in a video interview. Thanks to person-to-person video apps, this is becoming more common in the business world. It’s particularly convenient if you’re interviewing for a job in another city, state, or country—you don’t have to fly there.

Before your interview, set aside some time to set up your phone. Your video interview should take place in a well-lit room with a neutral background. Put the camera close, but not too close—this isn’t a glamorin shot. Typically, it’s best if the interviewer can see your head, shoulders, and part of your torso. Check the lighting, ensure that you have a strong connection, and make sure that the interviewers can hear you.

You need every leg up you can get in today’s job market, and it’s always better to use the tools you have at your disposal. Your phone is capable of so much more than posting Facebook updates and taking photos. Let it score you a job you love.


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