5 Ways To Increase Your Workflow

By John Whiting, - In Productivity

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Contributed by Lawton Ursrey – Product Marketing Manager for Sage One & and founder of Indie Peace

Increase your workflow by implementing these 5 tips

1. Attack the challenging tasks first – Most people check email first thing in the morning, but I’ve found that this seemingly simple task ends up stealing my focus from the more challenging and time consuming tasks that require more brain power. Dedicate the first two hours of your day to attacking these more difficult tasks, and check email later.

2. Two minute rule | Two minute list – As an entrepreneur, you’ll constantly be faced with decisions and tasks you weren’t expecting, so make quick decisions when things pop up. If a task will take two minutes or less, consider tackling it right away if it’s critical. If it isn’t critical or will take more time, file it away in a prioritized list.

3. Delegate – Don’t try to do it all yourself – you’ll drive yourself mad. Delegating and outsourcing go hand in hand with productivity. Start assessing what you can stop doing and what can be handed off to another person or company. Start small, see what works, feel the benefit, and add more. Remember, time is money, so don’t be averse to laying out a small amount of cash for increased freedom.

4. Automate recurring items for the year – This is one way to free up some time that you probably haven’t considered. Things like going to the dentist and hair appointments can be scheduled in advance and once they’re on your calendar, you can forget about them.

5. Crush it all day and tidy up for tomorrow – You won’t always get everything done today, so set yourself up for success for tomorrow. Sort, delete, assign, and prioritize. Knowing exactly what needs to be done tomorrow lets you walk away from work for the day feeling organized.


Lawton Ursrey is product marketing manager for Sage One, an online accounting application for small businesses, and founder of Indie Peace, an organic cotton apparel brand that’s grown and sewn in the USA. 


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