5 Sales Tips To Help Grow Your Business

By Geoff Martin, - In Marketing

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5 Sales Tips To Help Grow Your Business

Sales is all about finding a match and best thought of as a process of  “What do you want…great that is exactly what I have!” That is the goal of  any sales process – to find out what the prospect wants or needs and find a  reason to continue a mutually beneficial relationship. The best tips are:

1) Ask open ended questions and seek to understand the prospects needs or wants

2) Use the 80/20 rule – ask questions to get the prospect speaking 80% of the time while you are only speaking about 20% of the time

3) Start your sentences with “What, Why, Tell me, or Tell me more about” – these words automatically make your sentence an open ended question that helps facilitate your understanding of the prospect and solicits more information

4) “Mirror and Match” – people do business with others they feel are just like them. Find some common ground to build a connection and subtleties like matching their body language and using their same words and phrases to describe your services makes them feel more connected to you and facilitates building that “connection” necessary to start a mutually beneficial relationship

5) Learn to read Personality Styles and adjust your Personality Style to best suit that of the prospect. There is a lot of training online in reference to identifying and relating to different Personality Styles – this was the best training, “bang for the buck” for my sales people – the least amount of time for the highest payoff.

I have spent almost 20 years in sales in financial services both as a financial advisor and then the majority of that time as a sales manager training sales people mainly with New York Stock Exchange listed companies.

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