5 Remarkable Reasons You Need To Be A Mental Millennial

By Carrie Aulenbacher, - In Entrepreneurs

Picture of a mental millennial

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Even if you weren’t born after 1980, you can be young at heart and young in your approach to business.  We find ourselves in the daily grind and can slip into ‘auto-pilot’ but that can lead to our work stagnating.  Stepping back and evaluating how you approach your job, no matter what your field, can reveal areas that could use an upgrade.  Why not look at some top areas that Millennials seem to excel at.  Developing an updated outlook and making a conscious effort to take our career off of ‘auto-pilot’ can really kick start some new mentalities.

Yes. Mental Millennial


Trying to see the mistakes before you make them?  Many find that millennials rush headlong into things, mistakes and all.  The process seems to evolve and they get through it, sometimes with happy accidents.  Still hesitating?  Don’t let over preparedness bog down the process.  Try something on your next project that might fail.  Getting through some mistakes isn’t the end of the world and it can not only get you to the goal faster, but it might reveal some unforeseen benefits.  Jump in and see what happens.


Weighing everything against the bottom line?  When everything comes with a cost, you can often find yourself at a standstill because you don’t want to lose any money on any option that won’t pan out for your company.  Being fearless can be hard when you’re afraid of how your reaction to a trend might turn out financially.   Take a page from Millennial counterparts and see things from the perspective of overall benefit, not just monetary gain.  They tend to focus more on how a project can benefit customers than solely if the project can make the company money.  Look forward and try working from an approach of enjoying how change can spark new opportunities.  Try not to be constantly afraid of losing money on a venture.


The Millennial generation has to balance parenting, working, personal projects, family and more these days.  With the surge in popular apps that are voice-enabled, they’ve even got Siri multi-tasking!   Don’t chuck your organizer out the window, but upgrade to being more flexible about texting and using apps to get a few more things done throughout the day.  Stop the endless emails and break things up between short direct calls, texts and Skype.  Don’t forget you can even do Google searches now with your voice – available on your desktop or phone!


If you’ve grown in your career expecting all the magic to happen behind your desk, upgrade to Millennial thinking.   With so much going on, they’re taking the office with them in their pocket.  And the time for scoffing at social media as websites kids play with is over.  Embracing social media and utilizing such platforms as the super popular Instagram can add a visual element of your company to your online customers.   By keeping connected in a mobile world, you can give feedback to keep things going.  Taco Bell is famous for this!


Why stay 2 years for your resume if you’re unhappy and not producing quality work? Entertain the notion to become your own boss if you’re not treated fairly.  Those who’ve grown up online are great at finding niches if they don’t fit where they’re at currently.  Millennials feel that their output suffers too much in a stressful environment – and life is too short to be miserable every day.  Stay fluid and find a way that you work AND enjoy what you’re doing!  If it means admitting that your current place of work isn’t cutting it, own that mistake (see above) get mobile (haha) and dig into what really gets you up and going in the morning!

The Bottom Line

The you that you could be is inside just waiting for you to give the green light.  YES, some of these ideas buck what you’ve been doing for years.  But if it’s part of the key to unlocking your next level of success, why not give it a try?


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