5 (FREE) Killer Time Management Apps For Entrepreneurs

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If you’re an entrepreneur, time management is everything. You have to check and respond to emails, run across town to that meeting. Plus your son has that football game, so you have to fight through traffic to be at by 5:30pm. By the time you look up, it’s 3pm, and you haven’t accomplished but a couple of things on your ever growing list of todo’s.

Whether you’re on the go or stationary, it’s important to keep track of time and task so you and your business can operate efficiently.

Time Is Money

As an entrepreneur, you know that time is money and money is time. Staying on task can be a struggle nowadays with all the distractions. Especially if you’re a one man band and do most of your work tasks solely on you’re own. But if we are to get anything accomplished we must first have a plan, I’m sure you’ve gotten that far, but we also have to be punctual.

Most of us feel like there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day even if a full day were 25-26 hours.

My Budget Comes First

We all have that little gadget in our pocket that let us receive calls, message people across the world and let us check up on our old friend from college via social media. So why not use it to stay organized as well. Staying on track budget wise is #1 priority for us right? We have to be cost conscious at all times. Who wants to pay for one more extra thing?

So here are 5 Free Apps that will help you get your day under control or at least more organized. Free is in our budget right? Also handy to have with you on the go! All but one (TimeTune) has an MAC/PC version. But the rest of the Apps work for MAC or PC. So when you need to conserve battery power on your phone while on a trip or at your local coffee house, you can pull it up on your laptop.

Free Time Management Apps For Entrepreneurs:


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Toggl is one of my favorite and is also the time management app of choice for over 1.2m Togglers including the Fridge Magazine team. You can assign a project to the time task that you’re working on then at the end of the week it gives you a nice little run down on what exactly you worked on in what category.


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Rescue Time

“Save me from a major distraction!” That person who just retweeted my article or the star you love just “liked” your post. It can all snatch away precious time, and before you know it you look up an hour or two has passed. Who can afford to waste time.

The app keeps track of what you do on-and-offline then sends you regular reports. The report is a breakdown of all the activities you have been doing on your computer and how much time you have spent on every website. After just a few weeks of receiving the report, you suddenly realize how much time you can gain each week just by avoiding all those time-sapping tasks and websites. When you visually see this data on a regular basis, it starts affecting your decisions on how to spend your time and within a few weeks you will find your productivity dramatically increases.


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Wunderlist Logo

So as a parent, my brain is totally fried. I can’t remember to do anything. But instead of carrying around a notepad or notebook you can just create a list on Wunderlist. They even have reminders and alerts that can be set to remind you to do a particular task.


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focus booster

If I didn’t have to stop to blink or use the restroom or grab a snack, I’d sit at my computer all day! It’s bad for you, I know. I get so focused sometimes and sucked into my work. Rarely take breaks, but breaks keep you fresh. So along with time tracking this app also includes an easy to use interface to work using the Pomodoro technique.


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TimeTune Schedule Planner

TimeTune is a fine schedule tuner. If you are having trouble figuring out where all your time goes and how you can figure out how to make it better, this is good one. You can set your routine and see what it is your doing that takes up the most time.

Bonus Time Management App For Entrepreneurs – News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

Time Management Apps For Entrepreneurs News Feed Eradicator for Facebook Screenshot

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook Screenshot

News Feed Eradicator is a bonus suggestion from Fridge Magazine editor, Henry Reith. If you ever find yourself having to open up Facebook to do work? Or even just opened Facebook to see what’s going on for 5 minutes, and then an hour later you are still on there having achieved nothing? This app is for you. NFE is a simple Chrome extension that removes your Facebook newsfeed and instead replaces it with a random inspirational quote.  One of the best is:

Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.
Christopher Parker

In Henry’s words, “just installing this extension initially saved me hours of time every week.”

And as the saying goes we all want to work smarter not harder.


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