5 Easy Ways To Engage Your Customers At Thanksgiving

By Carrie Aulenbacher, - In Marketing

Picture of a family having a thanks giving dinner to show how to engage tour customers at thanksgiving

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Tapping into an attitude of gratitude isn’t just an Oprah-ism anymore.  Your business or startup can really help to build engagement and cultivate relationships among your customers by doing little things to show how much you appreciate them.  By being consistent in person and online, you can show continuity in your message and build trust.

Consider these quick tips when looking for ways to show thanks to customers and employees alike.  It’s not just a strategy to fit into fall, but an attitude that can be carried throughout your year.

How To Engage Your Customers At Thanksgiving

1. Do A ‘Google’

Consider changing the banner of your home page to help celebrate holidays and communicate gratitude in general!

  • Highlight Autumn
  • Add some turkeys for those who celebrate Thanksgiving
  • Maybe a graphic of family around the table

Updated banners signal the website is actively monitored and maintained and that you care to make your audience’s experience on your site a good one.

2. Send A Card

Thank them for their business through snail mail; it’s a great traditional way to acknowledge your appreciation.

  • Enclose a coupon
  • Pass along a discount code or new offer
  • Have management personally sign it

Cards these days come in bulk, personalized and can even include a photo of your team.  Look into what might be right for you as a great way to reach out and keep that relationship strong.

3. Helping To help Other

Sponsor a clothing drive or food drive to help your employees pull together and help the local community.

  • Take care of the logistics of the donation
  • Match employee donations if you can
  • Mention the organization in a company newsletter

Many hands make light work – by taking care of how the donation transaction will be completed, you can take some of that pressure off of your employees.  They might be more likely to join in!  Thanking all who helped and making this a quarterly event can keep the gratitude atmosphere going all year long.

4. Pay it Forward

A little here and there can really make a difference even though it’s not Christmas.

  • Pass along thanks to employees with a grocery gift card for their meals
  • Consider a gas card to help offset employee holiday travel
  • Prepaid credit card for them to pick up what they might really need

Gathering family can sometimes turn into quite the expense – by thanking customers and employees with small gift cards, it can be a nice way of helping them make that get together extra special.

5. Spread The Love Online

Social media exposure is the new currency today; tap into it!

  • Mention top customers online
  • Ask fans to follow a customer’s FB page by sharing it
  • Make sure you follow your customers Twitter and FB

It doesn’t take a lot to tag a customer in a post and it shows that you’re in step with their own online marketing efforts.  Making use of the hashtag #FollowFriday every week, you can spread the love all year long.

What have I missed?  What do you enjoy doing to help your customers and employees feel appreciated?  Comment below with a Thanksgiving or Harvest tradition for everyone to try!


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