5 Business Trends For 2015 That You Should Be Aware Of

By John Whiting, - In Entrepreneurs

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Jeff Fernandez, The CEO of Grovo, shares his thoughts on business trends for 2015.

3D Printing

In twenty years, it will seem downright primitive that we used to manufacture small items overseas, put them on boats, and still be a car ride (or Amazon shipment) away from having them. 3D printing as an industrial-scale solution is still in its infancy, but that’s an advantage to forward thinkers looking to get in on this revolution at an early, accessible stage.

Automation Software

Automation software is growing in popularity these days, as people seek to tame the hassle of managing a varied and ever-growing range of content channels. My favorite app for this right now is IFTTT (short for “if this, then that” and pronounced like “gift”) which allows you to link tons of digital tools to one another. It’s easy: say you want every Instagram post that you tag with a certain keyword to be posted to your blog, too, and also shared on Twitter. Non-social tools can be programmed too, like Dropbox and even the weather forecast. Other automation tools abound for more specialized uses – CloudWork and Zapier are two of many – but IFTTT is the simplest and most popular way to gather your diverse web presence into a single dashboard.

Democratized Predictive Analytics

I believe we’re going to see an evolution in accessibility as the science of data analytics progresses, and it’s going to affect the way you do business. Predictive analytics is the ability to identify evidential, actionable signals for the future out of the torrential flow of data generated by every business. Good predictive analysis today is associated with huge salaries and proprietary algorithms, but as those high-end analytics refine, predictive analytics suites will be as commonly used as Excel or Salesforce. Every business will be able to plan with the help of sci-fi caliber revenue predictions, market segmentation, and so on.

The Internet of Things

In 2015, we stand at the verge of an explosion in mobile technology larger than any that has come before it. The Internet, until now confined to relatively few types of computing devices, will be everywhere. Every object you can think of will be “smart.” Your refrigerator will order new eggs when you run out; your calendar will talk to your alarm clock and your car to make sure you get to a meeting on time. The IoT, as it’s called, is going to bring anywhere from 26 to over 100 billion devices online globally, all connected to one another.

Fast Content Consumption

The content explosion is already well underway. According to a USC study, each individual in the modern world is barraged with the equivalent of 174 newspapers per day. Even with a rigorous information diet, we’ll still need a more efficient way to consume data. My favorite solution right now is a widely-imitated speed reading tool called Spritz. The operating theory is that your eye spends about 80% of reading time moving from one word to another, and when it does, looks at the center of a word to identify it. Every business will be able to plan with the help of sci-fi caliber revenue predictions, market segmentation, and so on.

These business trends for 2015 were contributed by Jeff Fernandez, CEO of Grovo. Grovo is an online training platform that teaches internet and cloud tools in 60 seconds.


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