4 Ways To Start Your Market Research Today

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Start your market research today by doing these things…

1. Conduct online surveys – This is the best and most cost effective way for a business to conduct market research. Tools like Survey Monkey or Survey Gizmo are inexpensive and easy to use, and you can build a survey in an afternoon. Just make sure to keep your questions short and to the point and limit the number of questions to 15.

2. Build a list … or borrow one – The best list of your target market is the one you build an maintain, so start collecting names of your clients as well as others in your target audience so that you have a good pool of potential respondents. And if you don’t have a list and need answers fast, you can also use a service like AYTM.com, which not only lets you build a survey but also has a large pool of survey takers at the ready. A great way to start your market research.

3. Use Google AdWords to find respondents – One nifty trick is to create a Google AdWords campaign to attract respondents. Simply create a campaign around keywords related to the topic of your survey and then link to the survey.

4. Provide incentives for completing the survey – Often people need a little encouragement to complete a survey, so provide some enticement for finishing it. This could be a discount to your services or entry into a giveaway for something like a gift certificate or an iPod/iPhone.

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