4 Unwritten Laws On How To Act On Social Media

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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4 Unwritten Laws On How To Act On Social Media

1. Social media is not about SELL SELL SELL. Try to draw customers to you by offering useful information. Your posts should be informative and entertaining. Potential customers will look forward to your posts.

2. Avoid partisan politics at all costs. If you do business through social media, you will alienate potential customers by sharing negative political memes. Keep your posts upbeat.

3. Always act with honesty and integrity. Your social media calling card reflects who you are.

4. Respond constructively to online criticism. Never get into an online shouting match. Use criticism as an opportunity to explore how you can improve your business model.

Hopefully this tips will make you think about how you should act on social media with your business.

photo credit: Ryan Orr via photopin cc


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