4 “P’s” To Help You Persevere

By Carrie Aulenbacher, - In Peak Performance

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You’re having ‘that’ kind of day where you find yourself on break in the bathroom stall, your head in your hands and you wonder to yourself…

‘What am I doing?’

Your desk is slammed with three new projects, two of which had a deadline of yesterday.  A fellow employee who offered help is now on a second sick day – just when you need him most.  And your phone will not stop ringing.

On these kinds of days when managers are coming at you from every angle and you aren’t sure where to start, it can be frustrating to say the least.  So here are three quick “P’s” to keep in mind when you need to make it through a trying day.

Positive Thinking

Nothing can be more self-sabotaging than to start getting down on yourself with negative self-talk.  Even those seemingly innocent mutterings under your breath of ‘I’ll never get this done’ can put a subconscious vibe in the air that you are unable to accomplish the task before you.  Take a moment to truly tell yourself that you ARE good enough and that you CAN do this.  Being kind to yourself with some positive self-talk can really help to boost your confidence in a stressful situation.

Be Pro-active

Everyone has a feeling now and then that they are in a rut at work.   We grab some coffee, sit down, start typing/faxing/etc… and before we know it, the day is over and we feel as if we haven’t done anything really ‘new’ or ‘meaningful’.  Grab that planner and sit down and sketch yourself out some time where you can step out of the rut and be pro-active about a new facet of your job.  Whether it’s pitching a new advertising angle, cleaning up and re-organizing that forgotten corner of the file room that everyone avoids, or reaching out to help a fellow employee on their project – taking on something new, instead of the same old same old, can give us a new spark of excitement about the work day.


I’ve often had VERY hard days where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel – you probably have as well.  Those are the days I call a friend and head out to a fun dinner to vent.  Often times, the stories from their cubicle are way more stressful than mine!  We can often feel like our own situation is getting extreme when every project is deadline around us with no end in sight.  Taking time to step out from behind our desk and gain some perspective on other aspects of our company (and the jobs of others) can help us see the bright side.  Many times, we can find perspective to help quell that overwhelmed and stressed feeling so that we can then handle what we know we can do. (see bullet one about being positive!)


We hear everyone suggest planning and we roll our eyes when it comes up, but it’s true.  Treating yourself to a brand new planner and making 5 minutes a morning to jot down what needs to get done can help set the tone for your entire day.  Even little tasks that get a finished checkmark can help you feel like you’re really getting things done!  Plus, you can feel professional with a snazzy new planner under your arm.  (Hey, there’s another great P word!  No ‘pun’ intended, ha!)

I’d love to hear from you on the “P” words you use in your day to help you to persevere in your career.  Have I left any out?  Share your ideas in the comments below!


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