3 Ways To Make Your Life Easier As Your Own Boss

By John Whiting, - In Leadership

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Photo Credit: Jeni Rodger

Contributed by Jesse Gaddis – The founder/creator for Bedford Slims

Here’s how to make your life a little easier when you are your own boss

As someone who started in the ecig industry prior to it hitting the mainstream I found myself constantly racing against time. Before I started my own company, Bedford Slims, I worked as an advertising creative where deadlines are fierce, but you also have a bajillion people on your back to get work done. The scenario is different when you are self-employed. You basically can be as active or as lazy as you want, but remember – being inactive doesn’t usually help you in anyway. Here is my routine and how I got to where I am in just 3 years.

1. Respond to everything in a timely manner. Do not let emails or phone calls pile up. You will find an empty email box can be your best friend.

2. Develop a daily routine and try not to deviate. Make a check list if necessary. The constant things you need to do like entering your expenses in Quickbooks, looking at inventory reports, or making 20 cold sales calls etc – those things you want to clear out first. By finishing up the daily tasks you create more free time to promote or develop new opportunities.

3. One word – AUTOMATE. They literally have an app for everything at this point. I use apps to log my sales, control my inventory, print shipping labels, prepare P+L reports, pay my Sales Taxes, the list goes on.

photo credit: Jeni Rodger via photopin cc


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