3 Most Valuable Sales Tips

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Contributed by Jacob Aldridge www.jacobaldridge.com

Here are my 3 Most Valuable Sales Tips.

1. It is possible to close a sale in the very first sentence. The key is having a strong referral who has positioned you and shared with you the outcomes the potential client is searching for. When these align, try opening your sales meeting like this:

“So my understanding is that we are here today to discuss how X will help you Y. Is that correct?”

(Where X is your product or business, and Y is the outcomes the client is seeking – I might say, “So my understanding is that we are here today to discuss how Shirlaws coaching will help grow your revenue by 30% while giving you back your weekends. Is that correct?”)

When your potential client agrees with that agenda … they have just agreed that this meeting is now about HOW you will help, not WHETHER you will help. Sale made!

2. “I’m looking at other options”

I don’t mind this myself – often the client is being open about shopping around. My response:

“Great. Are you clear about the criteria you are using to make your decision, or can I help you with that as well?”

This disarms any confrontation. If they do have criteria, your sales meeting just became easier.

And if they don’t? Why you can certainly help them with that. I’d be surprised if you don’t firmly meet all of the criteria you come up with!

3. “Let me think about it”

Ignoring my temptation to reply “No you don’t” (though that may be valid in some situations).

“Fantastic. And what would you like to do then?”

This simple question, often toward the end of your sales meeting, has the desired benefit of acknowledging the client’s need (to think about it) while simultaneously moving the conversation past that process. If they are considering buying, this question moves you straight into agreeing dates and signing paperwork.

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