3 Tips To Think About After Hiring Someone New

By John Whiting, - In Leadership

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Start Small. If you are preparing to hire the first person (part time or full time) make sure you kept track of all your hours so that you can truly justify the need to add someone to the payroll. Understanding, clarifying and documenting expectations will help you (the owner) clarify duties and responsibilities and help the employee comprehend their specific role.

Utilise Assessments. Even if you are absolutely clear on your expectations; the use of assessments can help identify go/no-go points in the hiring process. Likely, as a business owner and leader you will lead the team and provide direction while asking employees to wear multiple hats while the business continues to grow. Nothing worse than bringing on the first employee who has no ability to be flexible and can stand to be managed.

Share Your Vision. Employees generally want to know the big picture or at a minimum that there is a plan for the business and they are somehow intertwined in its success. Sharing your vision for the organisation can create buy-in for the employees and give them “personal ownership” of their processes and work environment.

Follow these tips to help aid the process of hiring someone new.

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