3 Tips On Who To Pick When Hiring An Employee (Case Study)

By John Whiting, - In Leadership

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3 Tips On Who To Pick When Hiring An Employee (Case Study)

We recently hired two employees to help with a project that would involve a complete overhaul of our site. Because our business is small, every person joining the team affects the dynamic and the progress of the work. Some of the things we’ve learned when hiring an employee.

1. Before picking up a single resume come up with a rough profile of the type of person you’re looking for. For example, we preferred someone younger and with less experience. We knew we would have to expend more energy on training, but we could start the employee out with a lower salary, and we looked at it as an investment for the future.

With a few factors in mind it was easy to quickly select the resumes that looked most promising, and we wasted less time on phone calls and interviews.

2. Multiple people, preferably those who would be working with the new employee, should be present at the interview. Different people come away with varied impressions of the same person, and the multiple perspectives helped us form a better picture of the applicant. Also, we found it important that the people who would be directly working with the new applicant should get a feel for him/her to ensure that they would work well together. This also gave our senior employees the chance to ask specific questions that would affect the work.

3. Aside for the applicant’s work history and qualifications, we placed a large emphasis on personality. Everyone works better when there is a feeling of camaraderie, and even one employee who doesn’t get along well or doesn’t display a good work ethic could affect everyone. We were willing to hire someone with less formal training, but with the right approach.

These are definitely some great points to consider when hiring an employee!

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