3 Tips For Marketing Your Home Business

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Contributed by Bill Corbett – Author of The 2.0 Entrepreneur

 3 Tips For Marketing Your Home Business

Marketing Tip #1:  Today’s consumers (and businesses) don’t want to be sold to, they want solutions to their problems.  Use the Internet to find associations that your ideal customers belong to and join.  Offer to speak for free at those associations’ conferences on topics that offer solutions to their conference attendees.

Marketing Tip #2:  Use your local public access studio and start a monthly TV show offering solutions to your ideal customers’ challenges.  Call on experts to come on your show to address areas that compliment yours.  Upload your show episodes to FREE national servers that will get picked up by public access stations around the world.

Marketing Tip #3:  Start an Internet-based radio show on networks such as BlogTalkRadio, featuring solutions to your classic customers problems or interviewing experts who compliment your product or service.  Submit each episode of your show to iTunes as a podcast and promote it as a free resource to your typical customers.

The trick is to become the “go to” person in your industry, in your immediate area.  After nearly 20 successful years in business, people have asked me how did I grow a parenting business so successfully.  I tell them that I did it using two things; the Internet and breaking into the conference speaking circuit.  I then wrote about how to grow ANY home-based business, step-by-step in my latest book The 2.0 Entrepreneur.

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