3 Tips For An Effective Social Media Campaign

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Contributed by: Ashley Orndorff, Director of Marketing at ParadoxLabs.

When it comes to effective social media, I’ve found these 3 tips to be some of the most helpful:

1. Be Human & Someone People Can Relate To

People like dealing with people; they don’t like feeling like a number. A brand that interacts on a more personal basis with their audience connects with them on a deeper level. (Taco Bell is oftentimes cited as one of the brands doing this very well). Social media can be a great way to start relationships that you can continue to strengthen in stores, online and off.

2. Offer Value

It’s okay to talk about yourself, but break up the “me” parade with content that serves your audience. Find out what topics they care about and create content around those; make them laugh, make them feel – give them a reason to want to visit your page and engage.

3. Use The Right Platform

Effective social media isn’t about being everywhere; it’s about being everywhere your target audience happens to be. Chances are, the conversations are already happening, you just need to identify where, be there, listen, and jump in.

Ashley Orndorff is a self-proclaimed “nerd of many varieties,” who loves all things digital marketing, but has a special place in her heart for content, social media, and data-crunching.

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