3 Things To Remember When Creating A Social Media Strategy

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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3 Things To Remember When Creating A Social Media Strategy 

Contributed by Misty Starks http://www.mistybluemedia.com

One of the most important factors small business owners need to consider when creating a social media strategy is finding out where their target audience is and building engagement there. Many companies fall into the trap of thinking they have to be on every popular social media platform, and they wear our their resources trying to be engaging on all fronts. A better strategy would be to focus primarily on your target audience, and create a presence there. So if you’re going after corporate executives, you’d do better finding them on LinkedIn rather than Twitter.

When creating a strategy, the type of content you publish is very important. Consider what your goals are for your company, and create content that supports those goals. If your objective is to get more people to sign up for your newsletter then your content may be a bit different than if your objective is to sell your latest widget.

The frequency of posting to social media is another important consideration. Besides posting content that’s relevant to your audience, consistency of posting is paramount. Keeping your messaging in front of your target audiences helps you build brand recognition, and it allows you to get valuable information from the clients you want to reach the most.

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