3 Things To Consider To Show How Employees Will Matter

By John Whiting, - In Leadership

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1. Show some personality

On average, small businesses have more engaged employees than larger ones— and this is a major advantage to leverage. Most job postings are impersonal, formulaic and terribly boring. Small businesses should let their uniqueness shine through, and include employee testimonials in job ads, and getting them to blog and tweet about their work.

2. Show how they’ll matter

The best employees are the ones who really want their work to make a difference—and the smaller the organization, the bigger difference each employee makes to the whole. In smaller organizations, leadership roles and strategy-related duties are accessible to a greater proportion of employees. Emphasize this in a job ad that “starts with why,” explaining the purpose of the organization and the importance of the job within it.

3. Hire those with heart

There are three candidate attributes that are well-matched to the needs and strengths of the smaller organization.

4. The passionate

For a small business, every hire is critical. Effort trumps ability when there is so much work to do, so evaluate a candidate’s genuine interest in the work and passion for exceeding expectations.

5. The trustworthy

Employees at smaller businesses have more responsibility than those at large ones, and their employers tend to depend on them more. A single hire with integrity issues can sink the business.

6. The floor-sweepers

There is a lot to do at a small business; job descriptions can change as fast as circumstances do. There aren’t many truly narrow roles, so the right candidates are those that like variety and change. They will naturally be proactive, they will roll up their sleeves and they will do whatever is needed—even if it’s not in the job description.
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