3 Revealing Reasons An Entrepreneurs Organization May Be Right For You

By Lavinia Netoi, - In Entrepreneurs

Picture of an Elite Business Women Entrepreneurs Organization - June 2015

They say that in a group you are stronger than by yourself. This is also true for entrepreneurs, that is why you should consider joining an entrepreneurs club or even better an entrepreneurs organization, which has a better status, as it may have support from associations, commerce and industry chambers, the stock exchange, media etc.

An organization for entrepreneurs generally has the following objectives: helping entrepreneurs enhance their business education, facilitating meetings between business owners and promoting their business.

Here are 3 benefits for an entrepreneur who joins an entrepreneurs organization:

1. Networking Events

At networking events, you can meet business people from the same industry and from  other industries. This is a chance to learn about characteristics of other business models or business domains, find out about opportunities that you weren’t aware of, hear about difficulties encountered by other entrepreneurs and the solutions they found. Networking at such events can also lead to partnerships.

2. Business Presentations and Workshops

Business presentations and workshops will introduce you to new business concepts, business models and extend your acumen in marketing, sales, social media, investing, listing your company at the stock exchange etc. Some of these seminars are free, others require a participation fee, but they are a good investment in the future of your business.

3. Inspiration, Motivation, and Strength

Life as an entrepreneur is no walk in the park: you continuously have to learn tactics, trends, laws, put up with unexpected negative events like unkept promises of collaborators or partners, hardware or tools that break down with no cash to replace them, not enough budget for marketing etc. That’s why talking to other entrepreneurs who are going through the same difficulties, but are not succumbing or even better are enjoying success, can give you courage to continue fighting. If they can do it, you can do it also.

I have learned and lived all these things by participating at conferences and networking events of an organization in Bucharest, Romania, dedicated to female entrepreneurs: Elite Business Women, founded by Bianca Tudor. Bianca is an energetic, assertive and practical lady who started Elite Business Women to get ambitious women entrepreneurs together, offer them support and guidance on their entrepreneurial path.

At Elite Business Women events I had the chance to watch speeches by women who are owners of national brands, participate at a finance seminar at Bucharest Stock Exchange and, above all, I met nice and smart people whom I admire, respect and who inspire me.

If you want to have the same experiences, opportunities, support, and motivation, I encourage you to join an organization for entrepreneurs  in your country.


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