25 Ways To Get Back Links To Help With SERP Exposure

By Henry Reith, - In Marketing

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In this article, we are going to answer the age old question that business owners & SEO’s alike ask – ‘Do Backlinks Help With SERP Exposure?

The simple answer is ‘yes.’ But something this simple needs a bit of an explanation, especially if you’re interested in improving your search rankings. To start, it’s important to understand what a “backlink” is. A backlink is a hyperlink from one web page to another – or in this case, from one web page to another page located on your website. These backlinks, in a way, act like votes – the more you have, the more “popular” you appear to a search engine, like Google. This, ultimately, aids in your positioning on “search engine result pages (SERPS).”

According to Marccx Media, websites with more backlinks have a higher likelihood of ranking high on search result pages.

Need new ways to improve your performance on these result pages? Here are 3 reasons why backlinks help your SERP exposure.

1) It Makes Your Website Credible

Other websites linking to your page implies that your content is trustworthy and these sites are confident in referencing it. Search engines take a note of this. Thus the more quality backlinks http://backlinko.com/search-engine-ranking your website has, the better your SERP gets. You should, however, take some things into consideration, like the credibility of the site your backlink lives on. Your site’s reputation depends on the sites it associates with. Backlinks from irrelevant sites can bring your ranking down!

2) It Increases Traffic To Your Website

Starting your own website is sort of like organizing a party. You’ve done all the planning, and setting up, but if you fail to send the invitations, no one is going to show up. Or in this case, no one is going to go to your website. Using this logic, backlinks, in a way, are invitations to your website.

3) It Builds Authority

From a marketing perspective, when you’ve earned a backlink – and your site has become a referenced link on somebody else’s – it promotes brand awareness. Clearly, your site provides reliable information. Your reputation will boost your authority among other users, and search engine rankings will improve.

So, What’s The Overall Key Takeaway Here?

If you optimize your website – by creating informative, shareable, trustworthy content that utilizes effective keywords – you are more likely to acquire high-quality backlinks from other sites. Check out this infographic from Marccx Media below to learn 25 ways you can build better backlinks!

Infographic of 25 ways backlinks can help you in the SERPs



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