2 Things A Hiring Manager Needs To Realise

By John Whiting, - In Leadership

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A hiring manager must realize two things:

(1) past behavior is the best predictor of future performance

(2) those who will be successful for your company will be those who have been outstanding at the key skills that are critical for success in the open job.

Every job has critical skills for success. Depending on the job, it may be skills such as attention to detail, ability to build rapport quickly with clients, or knowing how to successfully create strategic plans and then adapt to the unexpected during the implementation phase in order to achieve long-range objectives on time and on budget. As the hiring manager, it is vital to first determine those critical skills and then screen resumes and candidates by learning all you an about their past success with these important skills.

Don’t waste time on resumes that just summarize job duties and responsibilities. Instead, zero-in on the resumes that couple skills (which you know are central to the success of your company’s objectives) with results (the actual track record of the candidate when using each of the skills that are of interest to you). Similarly, during the interviews themselves, be sure to clearly understand actual past performance with these skills. Don’t ask hypothetical questions, which by nature give no clue about real past behavior, and instead phrase your questions to ask about past achievements under circumstances similar to what you expect the candidate will face in your job. For example, rather than ask, “How would you resolve conflict between two employees?” instead request an example of how the interviewee settled disputes between individuals.

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