2 Social Strategies To Help Grow Your Business

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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2 Social Strategies To Help Grow Your Business…

Contributed my Mark Scott – Vice president of communications running PR and social media for eVestment

A couple of social strategy tips that I’ve found have helped us grow our audiences – and that a business of any size should employ to grow their audience, social engagement and overall brand awareness:

1. Make your social media activities a 24/7/365 experience. When sharing and posting to social media, it can be pure chance that people see your information due to the volume of information being shared via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Many companies big and small only post items during work hours – because that’s when they’re thinking about it. But people are on social media literally all day and all night. So make sure you post original content and share others’ content during non-business hours as well as during standard business hours to increase the chances that your information will be seen. There are tools like HootSuite and Pardot that give you the ability to schedule posts to your social media feeds, so you don’t actually have to be online 24/7/365 to do this but can queue up posts to go out during off hours and during holidays and vacations to keep your feed lively, dynamic and interesting around the clock to maximize your brand-building potential. Making sure you’re posting items around the clock will ensure your brand and your news has more opportunities to be seen during non-work hours.

2. Don’t make your sharing all about you. Envision social media activity like a cocktail party. If you stand around at a cocktail party and only talk about yourself, you’re not going to have a lot of people interested in talking to you. It’s the same on social media. If all you’re posting is news about your own company and how great it is, that gets boring fast and people will not follow you. Make your social media engagement interesting as well as promotional by posting things that are relevant to your industry or business – industry trend news, news about leaders in your industry, etc. Sprinkle in the more self-promotional posts at about a five to one ratio (one self-promotional post to every five more general ones) and you’ll find you’ve created a useful and interesting voice in your field that people will want to follow and engage with.

Hopefully these two social strategy tips will help to grow your business.

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