2 Simple Ways To Improve Productivity

By John Whiting, - In Productivity

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Contributed by Alleli Aspili of Infinit-O.com

Improve Productivity

There are two things I would want to share, but I’d rather call them tips than strategies. You know, it isn’t just a simple frustration – you work daily and you want to increase productivity every single day. It happens a lot, especially if there are ‘priority’ ad hoc tasks that hinder you from finishing your previous errands.

Use Asana

My first advice is to use productivity tools such as Asana. I personally use it and it has relieved me from my deadlines many times already. Aside from hitting the targets, it helps me do more than the average. Sure, adding tasks to the tool can be called wasting time, but not if you can immediately add it after you have received a certain task through email. The paid version also allows me to track the time I spend for each task, which gives me the idea on how long it would take me if I’d do that task again. All I’m saying is plan – that’s all. Planning vigorously helps you focus every day because you already know it. You know yourself, and once an ad hoc task is on your desk, you can already tell whether it’s going to be easy or not. Plan.

Listen to Music

And of course, the second one is obvious, listen to music. I’ve been using playlists from Spotify; they have a category called ‘Focus’ and it always does what it’s supposed to do. Try it!
To sum all up – PLAN AND MUSIC are my top pieces of advice to improve productivity.


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