17 Ways to use Email to Automate your Business

By Robbie Alllen, - In Marketing

17 Ways To Automate Your Business With Email Marketing

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As a small business owner you may find yourself managing absolutely everything; from sales leads, customer enquiries or questions from your suppliers. All of this can be quite overwhelming and often a waste of your valuable time.

Before you lose your mind it’s time to make a change and that change my friend is automation.

The problem that most businesses owners and start-ups face with automation is not knowing where to start. The key to automation is  having a process.

In this post, I will share with you 17 ways you can use email to automate various parts of your business.

Use this post as inspiration and understand the options that are available to you when it using email to automate your business. So without further ado and in no particular order… here we go!

New Customer Onboarding

  • This tactic is most common with SaaS type companies however it can be effective in B2b too.
  • When you acquire a new client use email to automate how you collect customer information, gain access to software/analytics, schedule meetings, and employee interviews.

Use email automation to remove the laborious process of bringing on a new client.

Customer invoicing automation

  • Saving the time it takes a human to do a task means you are saving money.
  • Use email automation to manage your invoicing, also making sure none of your clients fall behind on their payments.

Use email automation to make sure clients are paying on time, every time! 


Ecommerce Stores – Send personalised product recommendations

  • Make sure your platform or CRM tracks your customer’s past purchases.
  • Suggest products that your customers are most likely to buy based on their previous purchases.
  • This works extremely well in most online stores, retail, tech and so on.

Use the power of email automation to sent out recommended products to get repeat customers. 

Get Personal with Automation

  • Customer Birthdays and other key dates (Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day) are an easy way to build stronger relationships with customers.
  • Sending out short and snappy emails on key dates you can for lasting relationships

Email automation can be used to build emotional connections and drive sales! 

Content based on user behaviour

  • When building an email list you will take the minimum fields (name and email) probably.
  • Get to know your customer use content to personalise future correspondence.

Use links in your newsletter to various pieces of content. Then you can understand what people enjoy the most and send better emails in the future. 

Re-engage your email list

  • The quality of your email list will decay over time
  • Having a non-active email list will hurt your delivery rates.
  • Gmail look for evidence that your recipients actually want to hear from you.

Reignite interest and give your email list a spring clean with a series of automated emails. 

Ask for Feedback and Reviews

  • 92% of potential customers will check an online review before making a purchase!
  • Think about using the net promoter score (NPS) in an early email to discover customer satisfaction
  • Based on the number they select in the scale (1-10) you can send them an automated follow up sequence to either drive a review or improve customer satisfaction.

Increase your online reputation by automatically sending emails. 

Customer Reviews

Ecommerce Stores makes sure you send a receipt

  • Email receipts have a huge open rate of over 70%! (learn more here).
  • The average e-commerce email has an open rate of a mere 16%, can you see it yet? Huge Opportunity!
  • Your new customer has just handed over their hard earned cash to you, so they trust you! Take advantage!
  • Use your automation email skills to promote other products or offers, or send them to your social profiles and grow your audience.

Attach special offers to your email receipts so your customers keep coming back for more! 

New email subscriber welcome/hello series

  • The thank you email is a missed opportunity! make sure you don’t make the same mistake as so many businesses!
  • 74% of email subscribers EXPECT a welcome email.
  • Customers that receive a welcome email 3x the engagement than those that don’t!
  • With 4x the average open rate and 5x the number of clicks, welcome emails are well, welcomed with open arms!
  • Send special deals and offers in your welcome emails to take advantage of this high engagement rate.

Set up a basic automated welcome email sequence to increase customer engagement. 

Incomplete form reminder

  • Half of  people who begin filling in an online form fail to complete it!
  • A twofold approach works best here
  • Break your form into stages. the first stage must always capture name and email address.
  • If someone doesn;t compete the form you now have their contact details to send a series of emails to get the rest of the data you are after!

Make sure your forms are set up to collect name and email and name first and then utilise email automation to reduce abandon rate. 

Event and meeting reminders

  • People are busy, particularly if your meeting is in the middle of the day
  • Simple reminders can make sure everyone attends the meeting you have set up. Maximising your lead generation or how well your reviews go.

Use email automation to make sure your clients or potential new customers never miss a meeting again. 

Your Sales Funnel

  • As a Digital Marketing Agency, we understand the importance of managing your sales funnel and qualifying leads
  • Set up qualification emails and a lead phone call funnel that is completely automated.
  • Each unique form you have on your site should trigger a different series of automated emails the drive either a phone call or meeting.

Qualify all of your leads with email automation, save your own time and increase sales. 

Sales funnel

Cold email outreach

  • By engaging in email outreach you can experience sales increases of up to 15%, sometimes more!
  • Gather the right input fields ahead of time (name, email, position) and then you can automate a highly targeted outreach, and it will be personalised.
  • The longer your list the more success you will have. send automated emails asking if there is any potential partnership on the horizon.

You might be a start up, so sales will be hard to come by, the other thing you will be short on is time. Use cold email outreach to help speed up and automate how you acquire new customers. 

Increase the use of your product

  • Do you offer a free trial to show the benefit of your service or software? Automation can help increase how active users are on your platform
  • Highlight all of the key benefits of your service, use a strong call to action in all of your automated emails in this campaign.
  • This can be set up as a standard drip, or you can get personal and segment the emails you send depending on user behaviour.

Automate this process to increase the number of free trials into paying customers. 

Abandoned Shopping Cart

  • More than half of shopping carts are abandoned (68%)
  • If your visitor is logged into their account you can trigger an abandoned cart email sequence reminding them that they have items in their cart waiting for the,

Do everything you can not let potential customers slip away this deep in the sales funnel. Set up automated email reminders for abandoned carts. 

Product expiration notifications

  • A mere 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by a whopping 75%
  • If you offer a service or a product that has to be renewed or repurchased, set up emails that automatically notify your customers.

Increase customer retention and repurchases through email automation. 

Native email content

  • Open rate average at around 20% clicks on links average around 4%
  • By forcing people to go to your website you are cutting off a significant audience.
  • Use automated emails to send your subscribers native content that lives only in email. This tactic will help build trust with your audience and help improve future email click through rate.

Maximise engagement by sending automated emails that are packed full of native content. 

Wrapping up Email Automation

By now the wheels in your head well be well in m motion. You will have no doubt came up with a number of ways you can use email to automate parts of your business. By no means does this list cover everything! We would be interested to hear how you use email to automate workflows.