11 Business Books You Need To Read In 2015

By John Whiting, - In Entrepreneurs

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After recently reading a book called The Pledge, I’ve been motivated and even more inclined to start reading as many books as I possibly can. The problem is…there are so many great business books out there! It’s hard to know which ones to go for.

As I’ve been unsure myself I decided to ask people on Twitter and other networks to see what books entrepreneurs should be reading in 2015. So, here are 11 books that have been recommended to me, along with why they should be read.

Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat

Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat - Fridge Magazine 2015 Book REview

The main lesson learnt from this book is to get things ‘good enough’, rather than trying to make everything absolutely perfect, which is a real problem most entrepreneurs have.

Got Your Attention? by Sam Horn.

Got Your Attention? by Sam Horn

Did you know that the one in four people will navigate away from a webpage if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load?

The average attention span has shortened and so valuable decision makers, whether those are customers, clients, or leads, need to be intrigued in the first sixty seconds . This book will help any entrepreneur earn the favorable attention of anyone that they interact with.

Bold by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

Bold by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

This is a book designed to provide a road map to entrepreneurs wanting to know what the future holds. It has a lot of advice on the top technologies of our time, and how they will come into play in the world of business in the very near future. It offers tips on crowdfunding, both of which will greatly impact future small business opportunities. Its one of the best books that helps you see your business in an entirely new way.

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

scaling up by verne harnish

This book provides the insights, the strategies, and the sample forms to help any small business grow and to take a big business to their potential.
Many business owners know that they want to grow or scale their business in a sustainable way, but they don’t know where to start or what systems to implement. ‘Scaling Up’ provides a blue print for a successful process that anyone can do, easily. Even if you only take on one or two possibilities from this book, the impact it can have on your organisations success can be limitless.

Buzzmarketing by Mark Hughes

Buzzmarketing by Mark Hughes

 Regardless of whether or not you are in the marketing field, the way that Hughes got people to talk about his companies will get your creative juices flowing.

Brand Like A Rock Star by Steve Jones

Brand Like A Rock Star by Steve Jones

It’s a great book to show you how to protect and grow your brand and make it stand out today in a world of so much clutter. If it can work for the greatest brands, it can work for you.

Influence by Robert Cialdini

Influence by Robert Cialdini

The book goes over the following topics: the principles of reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, authority, liking, and scarcity. It’s extremely helpful in learning how and why clients make decisions.

Customer Service from A to Z by Larry Williams

Customer Service from A to Z

In today’s highly competitive world, a culture of service excellence is the only true long term competitive advantage. Research found that by 2020 Service Excellence will be more important in buying decisions than price and product. It covers everything from “Advocates” to being “Yelp’d” and much more!

Unstoppable Referrals by Steven Gordon

Unstoppable Referrals by Steven Gordon

This book can help you to discover tangible steps to increase referrals to your business. It’s incredibly useful and very specific, telling the reader exactly what to do.

Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

Blue Ocean Strategy  helps you to think about how to become 10x better than your competition for your customers. The customer is king and a laser focus on product development will serve you well in the long run.

Trust Me I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday

Trust Me I'm Lying by Ryan Holiday

If you’re going into business for yourself you’re going to need to know how to get press attention. Ryan lays out the exact strategies he used to make American Apparel and Tucker Max national headline news.



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