10 Tips For New Businesses Starting To Use Social Media

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Contributed by Kara Wood – Director, Succinct Social Media

Here are some that I think Small Business Owners Should think of when they are looking at a New Social Media Program.

1. What is “your” story?

2. What makes your Company or Business unique

3. Use your own “voice” on Social Media Platforms you will be rewarded with followers. Corporate Speak, or too contrived will come off as Boring.

4. Research the platforms – Not every platform is right for you

5. Think about how much time you have – Be honest – Better to use your 1 hour a day on one platform well, then 1 hour a day on 4 platforms poorly.

6. Create an editorial Calendar based around your business strategies and goals. A Calendar will help you shape what the month of posting will look like. It’s very handy!

7. Start to Post Unique, Fresh, Interesting Content. Blogs, Pictures, Updates – UNIQUE!

8. ENGAGE! You have to engage to generate advocates and leads.

9. Follow up with more content that your followers seemed to like! Feed them what they like!

10. Make others significant too! Like and follow other people! Engage with their content.

Social Media is a conversation and you need to participate on both sides to be rewarded with followers, to create advocates and generate leads!

photo credit: HowardLake via photopin cc


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